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The last trip I took to Lenox Square Mall was for the sole purpose of burning time before a birthday dinner nearly two years ago. Since then, a lot has changed and the number of dining options available at the mall has increased. Sprinkles, another cupcake shop in the city, opened with a 24-hour ATM. Chipotle is now an option at the food court. And now, Lenox Square has Zinburger, a restaurant specializing in burgers and wine.

Zinburger has restaurants across the East Coast, but just opened their first location in Atlanta this week. They offer gourmet burgers (ranging from Kobe beef to veggie options), sides (truffle fries, sweet potato fries, etc.), shakes, desserts and drinks to wash it all down (cocktails, beers and wines). Because Corey had a prior conflict, I brought a good friend of mine to the VIP night before it opened so we could preview some of the food and drinks on the menu.

Zinburger Atlanta dining room

So imagine our delight when we walked into the restaurant, received direction on where to sit and then were approached by numerous gracious servers with heaping trays of sliders, salads, sides, desserts and cocktails. Because we tried a lot of food, I thought it would be helpful to highlight the favorites in their mini versions.

Favorite cocktail: The Girl Next Door, a vodka drink that tasted smooth like lemonade. Sometimes, a girl just needs a fruity drink.

Zinburger Atlanta The Girl Next Door Cocktail

Favorite wine: There’s a variety of red and white wines on the menu, and even though you can get suggestions on which wine to pair with which burger, I decided to be adventurous and not ask. Hey Mambo, a red blend, stole my heart (no picture included because y’all know what red wine looks like).

Favorite salad: The Napa salad with dried fruit and goat cheese (pictured with onion rings and Zinburger’s Red Zingria) was the winner with the Chinese Chicken salad coming in at a close second. Both salads were refreshing and weren’t weighed down by the dressing.

Zinburger Atlanta Napa Salad

Favorite burger: My favorite was definitely the Kobe burger. You can taste the difference of the beef, and I’m a huge fan of keeping burgers simple (no crazy toppings for me!) but tasty. The star of a burger should be the meat, and the supporting actors should be the toppings and bread, and this was a winning production.

Zinburger Atlanta Kobe Burger Cheese

Favorite sweet treat: And there was another tie. Brittney loved the Salted Caramel shake, and I enjoyed the Strawberry Cheesecake shake. The shakes were great with the burgers (not too thick where you can’t suck it out the straw but not runny to the point where you’re slurping it up). If you’re looking for a good nonalcoholic pairing with your burger in lieu of the wine or if you just want dessert afterward, the shake is a winner.

Zinburger Atlanta Salted Caramel Shake Zinburger Atlanta Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

We liked the atmosphere: exposed ceiling pipes with the wood-panel tables and walls and sleek seats. It is a great place for families because of the price point, but it has a nicer upscale setting that could entice an older crowd.

Zinburger Atlanta restaurant

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried Zinburger and what you thought about it!

Disclosure: Although our meal and drinks were given to us at no charge, our opinions are our own. Thanks to Tom of DFPR for the invite!

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  1. I am so grateful for this review. As a hamburglar myself, I LOVE a good burger. I see a date night in the future. Would you say the prices are reasonable? I don’t expect a $5 burger, but is it worth the money?

    • The prices are reasonable and comparable to other burger spots in Atlanta ($10-$15 on average). You have to try the Kobe burger if you go. If you order any side items, I’d recommend the truffle fries; I definitely think they were the best of all the sides!

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