Why You Should Visit a Spa in Thailand – Dii Wellness Med Spa

Why You Should Visit a Spa in Thailand - Dii Wellness Med Spa

I’ve had my fair share of massages in Thailand these past four months. Because they are so affordable and massage shops are ubiquitous, it’s nothing to get an hour massage after a day of exploring the city. However, I’ve never ventured out to an official spa to get a massage treatment, until our visit to Dii Wellness Med Spa in Bangkok. It was the most relaxing experience ever! Splurging on spa treatments here is about the same amount of money as a basic Swedish massage in the States, and the quality can be much better than what you may receive in a basic massage shop. Don’t get me wrong: I love the small massage shops, but if you really want to treat yo’self, you should visit a spa in Thailand. Here are four reasons why:

1) Spas pay attention to all of the small details.

Upon our arrival to Dii Wellness Med Spa, we received juice and a hot towel while they got our paperwork together. Then, a spa therapist approached us with a selection of scented oils ranging from mint to lavender that we could choose from for our massage treatment. The therapist also inquired about the level of pressure to exert and the areas of our body that we wanted the massage therapists to focus on. Those small touches made us feel like royalty, and it also helped to eliminate any weird situations that may arise during the massage.

2) The ambiance is top-notch.

Why You Should Visit a Spa in Thailand - Dii Wellness Med Spa

Picture this: I am smack dab in the middle of getting a full body oil massage. Corey is on my left receiving an oil massage, and a stranger is on my right getting a Thai massage. I am nearly naked, and there’s no curtain separating us. Oh, and we could hear all of the cars and motorbikes whizzing by the shop, instead of the soft music that is supposed to be playing on the loud speaker. Talk about awkward. And yes this was real life. But not at Dii.

Ambiance is so incredibly important, and the environment of Dii Wellness Spa is conducive to relaxation and comfort. The massage room was well-appointed and dimly lit. The hallway to the rooms made you feel like you were in outer space. And bonus points: you can’t hear or see anyone else getting a massage.

3) The amenities are the bomb dot com.

Why You Should Visit a Spa In Thailand - Dii Wellness Med Spa

Don’t get me wrong: many massage shops sell their oils so that you can purchase them. But at Dii Wellness Med Spa, there’s an entire section of products you can purchase based on your skincare needs. You can also use their bath products in your room so you can “try before you buy”. Massage shops also typically offer tea after the massage treatment is over. After our hot stone oil massage at Dii, we had tea and a light snack of pineapples, banana and yogurt. I’m a big fan of amenities, especially if they are complimentary!

4) The therapists are extremely professional.

I typically get massages with Corey, and I’ve noticed that whenever we’ve gotten a massage together, the therapists tend to talk to each other throughout the entire session. When you’re trying to enjoy your massage, there’s no buzzkill greater than someone talking while you’re receiving the treatment. That was not the case at Dii. I don’t even know how the therapists communicated with each other when they absolutely needed to; they were so quiet!

What’s your most relaxing spa experience?

Disclosure: Thanks to Dii Wellness Med Spa for hosting us as TBEX Asia participants and providing us with our massage treatments!

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