White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

Sometimes, a girl (and her future husband) get tired of eating the same Southern food– fried [insert meat here] accompanied with cheesy baked macaroni and cheese and a side of greens (no collards for either one of us but we promise we’re from the South).

Here’s where White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails comes in.

Nestled among the office buildings and tourist-packed hotels that dominate downtown Atlanta, White Oak is a refreshing breather from the restaurant mainstays that occupy this section of town. The open space with oak furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows and accompanying accents (barrels, flowers, candles and lamps) makes it warm and inviting without losing its masculinity.

Chef Ben Vaughn, who hails from Memphis, brings his A-game to this restaurant with his carefully crafted Southern cuisine with a modern twist. There’s no absence of flavor in the food– the made-from-scratch biscuits, assorted breads, jam and butter will make you feel as though you’re enjoying food straight from the farm.

Rosemary biscuits with tomato slices and pimento cheese.


House-made breads, butter and jam

The main courses highlighted the meat as the star of the meal with an award-winning supporting cast.

Gulf white shrimp, low country Carolina gold, house made andouille and brilliant tomato butter


Rack of lamb with baked ratatouille and pepper jelly. It also came with sweet potato frites (see below).


Sweet potato frites

Dessert was indulgent and rich yet comforting.

Soft chocolate, salted caramel, red velvet doughnut, chocolate sorbet, bourbon chocolate cream

With meticulous detail to creating unique twists on Southern food without losing its ideals — food that speaks to your soul (and leaves you full), White Oak is a serious contender to the Southern food restaurants around Atlanta. It’s definitely a place you should check out sooner rather than later.

The Lowdown:

  • Most items range between $15-$25; however, some items are more/less expensive. Be prepared to spend a little money (it’s well worth the money).
  • This is a great place to impress a first date, out-of-town relatives, in-laws or business colleagues.
  • Complimentary parking is available, but you can only access it by making a right onto Baker Street from Peachtree Street (left turns are illegal at this intersection).

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