Where to Drink Beer in Asheville

Corey and I celebrated our second anniversary with a trip to Greenville, S.C. and Asheville, N.C. This is the second part of our series on where to drink beer in Asheville, N.C. Additional posts to this series will include a guide on where you should eat in Asheville and Greenville.

“There’s an obvious amount of wealth in Asheville, I wonder what people do for money here.” This is the first question I asked Erica when we drove within city limits. She didn’t know so I asked when we got to our first brewery, and the answer was beer. People in Asheville are in the craft beer and hospitality business, and they do both very, very well. Outside of food, beer and outdoor activities, there doesn’t seem to be much else to do there. So I’m going to give you some great places to go and tell you why they are awesome.

Wicked Weed Funkatorium – Despite the hippie-ish name, the Funkatorium has a refined atmosphere that is more along the lines of a winery than a brewery. The funk comes from their beer selection…they specialize in sour beer. While they have non-sour options (and even more so at their main location), I suggest you try the sour as even Erica found one she liked and she is not a sour beer fan at all. I found three that I wouldn’t mind purchasing a few more times over. They have a restaurant in town as well that is locally renowned but we didn’t have the pleasure of visiting. The Funkatorium left an impression all its own though.

Wicked Weed Funkatorium - Where to Drink Beer in Asheville - A Taste of Our City

Burial Beer – Burial was cool because they serve brunch along with their beer. We didn’t have any because we’d eaten already but we were among the only people not eating and it looked delicious. We were overcharged by a couple bucks and that rubbed Erica the wrong way so watch your tab, but other than that I believe most people will have a good time here. And they have cornhole. Plenty of outside and inside seating plus good IPA selections make this a spot worth visiting.

Twin Leaf Brewery – We arrived here shortly after they opened and were the first to arrive. Because it was empty and other places had patrons, I didn’t have high expectations. Just wanted to grab a beer and go. We ended up having several and stayed for over an hour. That’s because this place has all of the good bar games, from life-sized Jenga to Connect Four to decks of cards for whatever your game is. The beer is great as well. Erica’s Asheville favorite was their Belgian-Style Wit. The place ended up pretty busy before we left and the bartender went above and beyond. This place is MVP.

Twin Leaf Brewery - Where to Drink Beer in Asheville - A Taste of Our City

Hi-Wire Brewing – The draw to this place is simple. They have a Nintendo 64 with Mario Cart and other 80’s baby games. Nostalgia and beer, it’s a hard combo to beat. They have good beer but to be honest the game console and atmosphere won out over the libations. And all of these places are walking distance from one another so by the third or fourth brewery the quality of beer takes on less significance than the experience you’re having with the company you’re keeping. My time here was pleasant and memorable.

Hi-Wire Brewing - Where to Drink Beer in Asheville - A Taste of Our City

Wedge Brewing Company – This place stands out because of the El Kimchi food truck outside. When you pair Mexican-Korean fusion tacos with great beer and outside seating on a beautiful day there isn’t too much to be upset about. That’s it. Good food and beer. What else do you need?

Where do you like to drink beer in Asheville?

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