Where to Brunch with Your Guy in Atlanta

There’s no doubt that most girls love brunch, including me. Bottomless mimosas, bloody mary bars, fluffy egg omelettes and buttery biscuits are made for the weekend. However, I’ve noticed that many brunch menus are catered toward women, not men. It can be rare to find a delicious brunch that also suits the insatiable palates of your husband/brother/father/other males in your life and keeps them full for longer than two hours. Have you ever had your father or husband finish off your meal after they ate theirs because they weren’t full? Yeah, it’s not fun; trust me on this.

So, I wanted to create a quick guide on where to brunch with your guy in Atlanta. From protein-heavy dishes to larger-than-life portions, here are a few places where you should dine with the men in your life.

Bone Lick BBQ, West Midtown

Hangover Muff - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

Why it’s perfect for your guy: Unless you’re looking for a mimosa, you won’t find sparkling wine on this cocktail list, which includes spirits like bourbon, moonshine and gin. The funky cocktails are full of alcohol, so don’t expect to find any prissy, weak drinks here. The brunch menu is extremely affordable and includes signature items like the Hangover Muff, an English muffin piled with pulled pork, bacon and eggs. Want a barbecue plate instead? The lunch menu is also available, and with your choice of chicken, pork and smoked sausage with sides like mac and cheese and tater tots, everyone will find something they can enjoy on the menu.

Estimated time until he’s hungry again: 5 hours

Buttermilk Kitchen, Buckhead

Buttermilk Kitchen fried chicken biscuit
Why it’s perfect for your guy: The signature chicken biscuit at Buttermilk Kitchen is Corey’s favorite dish. The fluffy biscuit has a crispy, buttery top that reminds me of Church’s biscuits, and the chicken is well-seasoned and battered in goodness. However, it’s a bit pricey and the biscuit is only so big. Our recommendation? Order a side or split another menu item with your beau, because the biscuit is not to be missed. Just make sure you go early: the wait for this restaurant gets pretty long.

Estimated time until he’s hungry again: 3 hours

The Cockentrice, Inman Park

The Cockentrice - Inman Park Pork Lovers Breakfast

The Cockentrice - Hanger Steak and Eggs with Potato Pancakes

Why it’s perfect for your guy: The owners of The Spotted Trotter, a delicious local butcher shop, opened The Cockentrice to bring meat-centric dishes with locally sourced ingredients and various cooking techniques to restaurant patrons at Krog Street Market. The brunch menu at The Cockentrice stays true to this concept. For instance, the Inman Park Pork Lovers Breakfast (pictured first) is the ideal meal for a famished carnivore: the bacon and sausage are absolutely divine and the egg souffle and biscuits and gravy finish off the meal. The hanger steak with sunny side up eggs are delicious with the potato pancakes and butter. The tomato slices on both meals will make him feel like he ate his serving of vegetables for the day. Take him here if you want him to be full all day on these protein-packed meals.

Estimated time until he’s hungry again: 4-5 hours

Pijiu Belly, West Midtown

Pijiu Belly - Chicken and Waffles - West Midtown
Why it’s perfect for your guy: This Southern American meets Asian fusion restaurant offers a unique brunch on the weekends. One of the most filling meals on the menu is the chicken and waffles. I mean just look at it. You have literally all of that crispy, roasted chicken to enjoy plus a full waffle and syrup. If go for brunch and eat every morsel of this deliciousness, just know you’ll be full for the rest of the day (speaking from personal experience…ahem).

Estimated time until he’s hungry again: 4 hours

Egg Harbor Cafe, Buckhead

Egg Harbor Cafe - San Antonio Skillet - Brookwood Hills

Why it’s perfect for your guy: Do you have that guy in your life that doesn’t know what he wants to eat, but then ends up being really picky about what he wants? Egg Harbor Cafe is a great place to take him. The menu is massive, with options ranging from pancakes and crepes to egg scramblers, omelettes and skillets. So he literally has tons of meals to choose from. Exhibit A: this San Antonio skillet with diced potatoes, scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, sausage, bacon, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes was the perfect dish with hot sauce. My dad loved this place (and I believe he took a to-go box too!).

Estimated time until he’s hungry again: 3-5 hours

Le Petit Marche, Kirkwood

Le Petit Marche - French Toast Sandwich - Kirkwood
Why it’s perfect for your guy: This cute French-inspired cafe located in Kirkwood is consistently packed with families, couples and groups alike on the weekends. Corey fell in love with the french toast sandwich at first bite. It’s exactly what you see above: two thick slices of french toast that bookend scrambled eggs and your choice of sausage or bacon with maple syrup. He’s also a big fan of the grits stack, which is basically grits, bacon, shrimp, cheddar cheese and eggs all in one bowl. Honestly, neither you nor him can go wrong with anything you order here.

Estimated time until he’s hungry again: 3-4 hours


Where do you like to brunch with your guy in Atlanta?

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  1. Le Petit Marche is an all-time favorite. You’ve exposed some hidden gems I’d never heard of before. I adore the meal expiration you’ve included. Brunch is such a staple in Atlanta; I’m most appreciative of this info. I tend to stick with West Egg, Flying biscuit and well ihop. The aforementioned are mediocre so I’m anxious to give these a try. Thanks!

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