What to Eat at HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern

Midtown has a bevy of small neighborhood spots where you can grab a quick bite and enjoy a beer at reasonable prices. HOBNOB is one of those places for me. I know what to expect, there’s menu options for every type of discriminating palate (and appetite) and the service is generally good. So when I was invited to HOBNOB to try out their winter items, I eagerly asked my sister to come along with me.

If you aren’t familiar with the menu, HOBNOB has an array of salads, appetizers, burgers, pizzas and main dishes to choose from. That doesn’t include the cocktail menu or the vast selection of beers. It might seem overwhelming to even figure out what to eat at HOBNOB.

And though it might sound like a small neighborhood Applebee’s or TGI Friday’s, I assure you, it’s not that. The owners of HOBNOB (who also own 10th and Piedmont) take careful thought in presenting a menu and maintaining a restaurant that suits people who just want to have a good meal and drink without all of the frills. But they take pleasure in upgrading some of the dishes and putting their twist on it.

For instance, you could just order a burger and fries (which they do well!). Or you can customize the burger with whatever meat you choose: turkey, chicken, veggie, beef or lamb. But if you want to step up your burger game for one night, try the 50/50 burger, which is half ground bacon and half ground beef. This juicy sandwich will make you forget that actual hamburgers do exist.

50/50 burger at HOBNOB - What to eat at HOBNOB - A Taste of Our City

We had the Southerner with the 50/50 burger, fried green tomatoes, balsamic reduction, tomato horseradish relish, goat cheese and lettuce. Basically all of the things I love.

The Southerner 50/50 burger - What to Eat at HOBNOB - A Taste of Our City

Also, you could just get a margherita pizza with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Plain and simple, right? Or, you can take it up a notch with the pork belly and arugula pizza. You guys, pork belly is life. And so are the caramelized onions. The only thing I’d say about this dish is that the crust, depending on how long the pizza is in the oven, may come out slightly soggy. See if you can get that bad boy as crusty as possible.

Pork belly and arugula pizza at HOBNOB - What to eat at HOBNOB - A Taste of Our City

It’s easy to order a simple main entree like shrimp and grits or a fried green tomato BLT. But if you want to do it up (and I suggest you do, because Thursday), you should order the chicken pot pie. Now, I used to despise chicken pot pie. It’s only because I never had this one before. The flaky crust is light and buttery, the smoked chicken is made in-house (so you get that barbecue taste) and the vegetables are…wait…actually I don’t remember the vegetables.

Chicken pot pie at HOBNOB - What to Eat at HOBNOB - A Taste of Our City

Jess giving a thumbs up for HOBNOB's chicken pot pie - What to Eat at HOBNOB - A Taste of Our City

It’s literally all the life. And you can only order it in the winter, so it’s the ultimate comfort food. My sister totally approved, too.

So, if you’re stuck on where you should go in Midtown (or what to eat at HOBNOB), you’re in for a treat if you go to HOBNOB.

Have you ever been to HOBNOB? If so, how did you like it?

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Disclosure: Thanks to HOBNOB for inviting us in for a complimentary dinner! All of our opinions are 100 percent our own.

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