Watershed on Peachtree

Lunch at Watershed on Peachtree

Eating at Watershed on Peachtree (the newest location for this restaurant) has been on the “food” bucket list for a long time. I’ve heard about this place for years, and when it reopened only blocks away from work, I seized the opportunity to try it for lunch with some coworkers.

Watershed on Peachtree’s Atmosphere

This is what the inside of Watershed looks like

The interior view of Watershed on Peachtree

As we walked into the restaurant, I was impressed by the layout and decor. The sun peeked through the windows to serve as natural lighting for the restaurant. The space was decked with sleek, yet muted, furniture to match the neutral color palette and wood furnishings. The design reminded me of the look and feel of JCT Kitchen.

The Food at Watershed on Peachtree

We wanted to order a few things off the menu that would be tasty, yet satisfying enough to last us another five hours at work. Boy, did we achieve that or what?

Fried Pimento Cheese at Watershed

This is not your momma’s version of grilled cheese :)


The fried pimento cheese sandwich with tomato soup was the ultimate comfort food. Although it was a little greasy, the thick bread (which was pan-fried) was in equal ratio to the pimento cheese. The tomato basil soup (not pictured) was the perfect pairing to the grilled cheese.

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Cucumbers at Watershed

Chicken salad sandwich with cucumbers…yummy!

The chicken salad sandwich and the seasoned cucumbers were delicious. The multigrain bread coupled with the pine nuts and golden raisins made me feel like I was eating some healthy, even if it wasn’t the most healthiest plate on the lunch menu (they also have a four veggie plate too!).

Fire Cracker Green Beans at Watershed

These green beans were fresh and spicy! Two of my favorite flavors :)

The “fire cracker green beans” were fresh, crunchy and spicy. I enjoyed the sauce atop the green beans, which looked like they were locally sourced. I later confirmed that Watershed on Peachtree uses baked goods and veggies from nearby.

The star of the menu (according to me) was the crabby shrimp burger.

Crabby Shrimp Burger at Watershed

This crabby shrimp burger was a delicious (and interesting) way to eat shrimp :)

The “burger” is a mixture of crab and shrimp held together by shrimp mousse with no filler and no bread crumbs. The perfectly braised collaboration sits on top of a toasted bun with lettuce and pickles. Once you bite into it, the shrimp stars as the main character. Now that’s a good sandwich.

Although I haven’t tried this place for dinner or brunch yet, I’m sold on their lunch menu. Have you tried this place? How did you like it?


The Lowdown:

  • Farm-to-table Southern restaurant
  • Valet parking is available in the parking deck behind the restaurant.
  • Great place to lunch with coworkers, family or friends.
  • If you are traveling north on Peachtree to get to the location, look closely on the left hand side. If you pass Uncle Julio’s, you’ve gone too far.
  • Lunch prices average between $8-$16. However, dinner prices are a bit more expensive. Check the website for the menus.
  • Wednesday is dubbed “Fried Chicken Night.” Be sure to get there early before it sells out!

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  1. What is wrong with Atlanta Yelpers?About me: I grew up in Atlanta, so don’t get me wrong about what I’m about to say next…I lived in NYC for three years and maybe its just the sheer volume of people using Yelp up there that drowns out ridiculous reviews.This is a good restaurant. With promise to become an EXCELLENT restaurant.I ate here today for the first time and the staff was very friendly and warm and the food was very good! I thought my dishes, the Beet Soup (special) and the Crabby Shrimp Burger were amazing. My wife was expecting more from her Country-Fried Burger but I tasted it and it was good. We both enjoyed the Really Good Cake.The Beet Soup really blew me away. As more dishes like that trickle in I’m certain this restaurant will only get better.I can’t imagine an experience here that would warrant a one or two star review. But to each their own and that just makes Watershed more available to me!

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