The New Summer Menu Items at Yard House

Corey and I find ourselves shopping or going to the movie theater in Atlantic Station frequently. When we’re there, we always end up eating (of course) at a select few restaurants, one of which is Yard House. I love their low-calorie cocktails because they are delicious yet void of all the extra sugar. Corey is a big fan of the beer selection and each visit, he selects a new one to try. Yard House is one of our go-to places where we can grab a meal, watch a game and have a low-key night out.

Recently, we checked out the new summer menu items at Yard House. It was also our last date night before we left for Thailand. We were elated to have some alone time together over a meal and discuss loose ends that needed to be tied up before we left the country.

The new summer cocktails were fantastic. I had Blood and Smoke, a tequila-based cocktail with a smoky flavor reminiscent of barbecue. Though Corey’s Sidecar arrived in a martini glass, it was nothing to scoff at. As a cognac lover, he thought it was a well-balanced cocktail for it to be mixed with such a heavy liquor, and he enjoyed it.

new summer menu items at Yard House - Sidecar and Blood & Smoke - A Taste of Our City

We also had the Hibiscus Rose; the flavor was heavily influenced by the flowery St. Germain. Though you would expect the Bourbon Berry Sour to be heavy, the balance of the citrus agave and other ingredients made it an approachable drink.

new summer menu items at Yard House - Hibiscus Rose and Bourbon Berry Sour - A Taste of Our City

We started the meal with the revamped deviled eggs appetizer, which included candied bacon, spicy tomato sauce, sweet chili and chives. A simple deviled egg is typically fine with me; I’m a huge fan of JCT Kitchen’s recipe. However, the tomato jam added a unique, saucy twist I hadn’t experienced elsewhere.

new summer menu items - Yard House - deviled eggs - A Taste of Our City

I’ve never heard of duck wings before my visit to Yard House, but I was thoroughly satisfied with how crispy and juicy the wings were. I expected the duck wings would be similar to size to regular chicken wings, but was surprised to see they were larger than the average chicken wing. Corey had the duck wings a week prior on an impromptu visit with his sister, so he was familiar with how tasty they were. He thought that they were just as good as the first time.

new summer menu items at Yard House - duck wings - A Taste of Our City

Nashville hot chicken also made its debut to the menu, and it comes with a stack of sweet potato pancakes, syrup and sweet pickles. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’d know we’re huge fans of this type of chicken, and during our trip to Nashville, we tried this recipe at Hattie B’s and Prince’s. With that said, we have high expectations for this dish, regardless of whether we’re in Tennessee or not. We’re used to crispy chicken with a heat so fiery that our lips are burning, our noses are sniffling and our eyes are watery. Though the Nashville hot chicken at Yard House had a bit of heat, it was definitely scaled down from what we were used to. However, the pancakes were a sweet accompaniment to the dish.

new summer menu items at Yard House - Nashville hot chicken and sweet potato pancakes - A Taste of Our City

The cheesecake ended the meal on a high note with its creamy consistency, caramel and raspberry sauces and whipped cream.

menu items at Yard House - macadamia nut cheesecake - A Taste of Our City

In addition to the new summer menu items, I am pleased with how Yard House reduced the food menu from a booklet to one page. It used to be difficult to determine exactly what I wanted to eat because of all the options, but now, it’s a lot easier to see the offerings, from appetizers to desserts, all in one place. I look forward to see what they add to the menu for seasons to come.

Have you been to Yard House? How did you like it?

Disclosure: Though the food and drinks during our visit to Yard House were complimentary, all opinions are 100 percent our own and unbiased.


  1. I appreciate the indirect shout out! I like the Yardhouse atmosphere. Not many kids, outside patio and strongbow on tap; all wins in my book!

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