Oh Serpas.

I was tempted to write a fiery poem to describe my love for the cuisine of this Old Fourth Ward restaurant. The review would have been reminiscent of a Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem, outlining the reasons why I love eating brunch here.

Alas, what stopped me from creating this masterpiece was my lack of rhyming skills. So to save you the misery of having to read that, I present to you photos of the food that Corey and I consumed on our recent trip to Serpas.

These pillowy pastries are served warm with a dust of powdered sugar.

The beignets were absolutely divine. Although I haven’t even been to New Orleans (gasp! I know it’s blasphemy considering I lived in Louisiana and my mom’s family is from there), these are as good as it gets until you reach The Big Easy. I should know…my mom made them for me when I was growing up. Don’t believe me? Corey verified that they were, per his recent trip to Cafe du Monde in N.O.

The lemon crab fritters were surprisingly spicy. The avocado and oranges balanced out the bite.

Corey and I had no clue what to expect from these fritters. They were definitely spicy- in a good way- but if you can’t stand the Wimpy wings at Zaxby’s, then you wouldn’t last five seconds eating this.

By far, one of the most delicious egg creations we’ve eaten. Topped with brown mustard sauce. With grits of course.

Corey’s omelette included red peppers, andouille sausage, shrimp and cheese. It was absolutely amazing.

Seasonal vegetable omelette with goat cheese. Yum…

After the beignets and fritters, I thought I needed to be a bit more health-conscious so I chose the omelette with seasonal vegetables, goat cheese and crab. Although it was health(ier), it didn’t taste bland or boring in the least bit.

Overall, I loved Serpas so much, I have dreams about going back again. One day, Serpas, we’ll meet again…

The Lowdown:

  • There’s valet or self-parking on the street.
  • Groups of all sizes are welcome. Families, couples and friends all dined together in harmony.
  • Some of the menu items online may not be the same as what they offer in the restaurant.

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