Radial Cafe

I’m sure many of you wonder how we choose the restaurants we try.

Some are by word of mouth or social media. Other choices are inspired by Urbanspoon or Yelp.

And sometimes, we flip a coin.

I’m glad that it landed on the side so we could have brunch at Radial Cafe. This restaurant prides itself on a small carbon footprint by locally sourcing its food on the menu. This is a plus for us because we love supporting Georgia vendors/restaurants.

Corey and I decided to try out about half of the menu. Literally. After a week of working out and eating right daily, we deserved this, right? Not to mention, we were incredibly hungry.

Brunch at Radial Cafe

For starters, we had this cinnamon roll, which had pecans baked into the pastry and was covered in rich cream cheese.

Cinnamon Roll at Radial

I dubbed this cinnamon roll as the “snow-capped mountain.”


Then, we had our respective meals. Corey chose the fish and grits.

Tilapia and Cheese Grits at Radial

The blackened tilapia was flaky and complemented well with the cheese grits and tomato basil sauce.


I had the Burritos de Huevos (although I think it was supposed to be called Burrito de Huevos?).

Burritos de Huevos at Radial

This was the most filling of the meals. The burrito consisted of a spinach wrap, cage-free scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, fresh basil and red peppers. It was accompanied with black beans and a dollop of sour cream.


We also ordered side items. I had the Buckwheat pancake.

Buckwheat Pancake at Radial

Radial offers buckwheat pancakes and we decided to try it. Not only did not taste wheat-y (a plus!) but it was also super sweet! Score for a side pancake!


Corey had the french toast to finish off his meal.

French Toast at Radal

The french toast was made with soft challah bread, and although the powdered sugar was lacking in my opinion, the strawberry-rhubarb sauce made this meal taste more like dessert.


Overall, for the price of the meals and the quality, we thought it was a good brunch spot to try out. Have you ever been to Radial Cafe? What did you like about it?


The Lowdown:

  • Locally-sourced menu with products that support its small carbon footprint.
  • Average meal prices for brunch range between $8-$12.
  • You can call ahead to put your name on the list for brunch.
  • The parking lot gets packed as it’s busy, but there’s additional parking behind the building.
  • Radial Cafe is located between the Kirkwood and Candler Park neighborhoods. If you’re headed from downtown Atlanta, it’s on your way to Decatur.

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