Macaroons, Crepes and Kouglofs, oh my!

On our one year anniversary, we visited Paris. We chronicled all of our food adventures to share with you here for your next trip to France! This is one part of the series of Paris posts we will share!

As we started researching what to eat and drink in Paris, we found that Paris not only has a global dining scene, but also a solid reputation for sweet treats. Chocolates, macaroons and pastries just taste so much better there. In an effort to save space in our stomach for everything, we decided to focus on the following three dessert-like foods that were unique to the city/region.


I never jumped on the macaroon bandwagon because every time I had them (with the exception of my Christmas gift from my supervisor), they were hard, tasteless and frankly, nothing special. So when I found out that the birthplace of the macaroon is Paris, I immediately planned to visit the most talked-about places, Laduree and Pierre Herme (photos below, respectively). And boy, did they prove me wrong when it came to macaroons.

Laduree macaroons Paris

Pierre Herme macaroons Paris

I devoured those pillowy, delicate cookies in less than three minutes flat. You can’t go wrong with macaroons at either place. Laduree is great if you are a touristy area like Champs d’ Elysses because you can easily pick these bad boys up (expect to wait in line for a while!). Pierre Herme was a bit of a journey from where we stayed, but the flavors were more unique (IMO) than Laduree (like milk chocolate and passion fruit and hazelnut praline).


Corey and I were so obsessed with eating crepes in Paris, you would have thought it was one of our food groups for the week! After frequenting a random crepe shop in a touristy neighborhood a couple of times, we decided to compare those crepes with the real deal, Breizh Cafe. Because this place was so popular, we were forced to place a to-go order at 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night! We went with a sweet crepe with butter and sugar and a savory galette, which is more like a pancake, with eggs, sausage and cheese. Let’s just say that neither crepe made it on the train headed home; we devoured them both! They were fresh, sot and the perfect ending to our night. Just make sure you make reservations if you want to sit down at this restaurant.

*Note: I would show you the photo of the galette, but it doesn’t do it enough justice so I’ll omit it here. You can see photos for yourself here: Breizh Cafe images


On an early Saturday morning, I ventured out to Vandermeersch in search of a kouglof, a tasty cake made with a hint of orange blossom, raisins and sugar on top. After getting lost for 30 minutes, I found the bakery and procured kouglofs to last Corey and me for the day! From my online research, I was told to get there early as they only sell these pastries on the weekend in this particular bakery until they run out. Well lucky (or unlucky?) for me, there wasn’t a line or a shortage of these treats. I suggest no one leave Paris without trying kouglofs. Word from the wise: Vandermeersch does not have a storefront with its name on it so just be armed with the address itself.

Kouglof Vandermeesch

What are some of your favorite patisseries or treats in Paris? Have you ever tried any of these?

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