JCT Kitchen

JCT Kitchen is my new favorite restaurant.

I know, I know. I fall in love easily. But it’s not hard to have a crush on this restaurant. The space, which is located in West Midtown, gives off a fresh, natural vibe with neutral-colored drapes and natural lighting.

The menu is carefully crafted to create Southern-style dishes with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Want proof? Well here you go.

Exhibit A: the fried chicken (something that the JCT is well-known for in the area)

Exhibit A2: the fried chicken salad with romaine lettuce and buttermilk dressing (if you want to be “healthy” and still eat the fried chicken”)

Exhibit B: the macaroni and cheese (it’s absolutely as creamy and cheesy as it looks)

Exhibit C: the deviled eggs (the ham that topped the deviled eggs was the perfect amount of salt with the egg)

Exhibit D: the grown up grilled cheese with tomato soup (yes, it tastes as good as it looks)

Exhibit E: the salmon sandwich on brioche bread (the delicious herb tartar sauce that accompanies this sandwich made me forget that I absolutely detest tartar sauce in real life)

Exhibit F: garlicky green beans (doesn’t it look like they picked these green beans straight from the farm this morning?)

Exhibit G: the fried egg burger with truffle parmesan fries (the fries are cooked and tossed in truffle oil and topped with parmesan cheese)

Exhibit H: the chicken pot pie (reminiscent of chicken noodle soup but even more filling)

Exhibit I: the grilled chicken sandwich with a twist (I added white cheddar cheese but if you fancy pimento, this has it on there.)

I’d imagine that I’ve given you enough proof to see why you should check out JCT Kitchen today. Have you ever been? If so, how did you like it?

The Lowdown:

  • Great atmosphere for a meal with your friends, family or [insert anyone else you would go to lunch or dinner with].
  • There’s self-parking around the area.
  • Call ahead or make reservations, especially around lunch and dinner hours.
  • Some of the menu items (like the fried chicken or the Maine lobster roll) are only available until it runs out.
  • There’s a rooftop bar and live music on select nights.

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  1. I’m going to try JCT Kitchen tomorrow solely because of this review. I can’t wait to try the deviled eggs and the macaroni and cheese. Thanks for the insight.

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