Friendsgiving at American Cut by Eating with Erica

Relationships are incredibly important to me. Even though I’m a friendly, amicable person, I like to invest my time into getting to know people and developing deeper connections with them rather than just creating superficial relationships. Coupled with the fact that my #1 strength from Gallup Poll is “Relator”, my extroverted tendencies and desire to form friendships with warm-spirited people allow me to meet and share fond memories with some amazing souls, one of whom happens to be Erica of Eating with Erica.

Besides the fact that Erica (pictured to the right in the red) and I share a few common similarities (the same name and spelling, Black food bloggers in Atlanta), we have developed a great rapport and friendship over the years. I admire her drive and dedication to continuously improve herself and her brand, and I love how relatable and fun she is as a person. So I was delighted to be in the States this year to attend her second annual Friendsgiving event, which was held at Buckhead’s newest hip steakhouse, American Cut.


As we noshed on a family-style dinner at American Cut with other fellow friends (Milla of Happily Eating, Lauren of Pretty Southern, Allie of Peachfully Chic), I felt incredibly honored to be a part of Erica’s group of friends that she chose to break bread and give thanks for. The food blogging scene in Atlanta can be quite volatile (I’m not kidding; we need a TV show!), so I’m grateful to have kind, genuine people around me who equally look out for me and keep it real with me.


Dinner at American Cut was fantastic from start to finish. All of our drinks were sponsored by Double Cross Vodka, and I enjoyed them in my cocktails, which was American Cut’s twist on a Moscow Mule. The horseradish shrimp, Caesar salad and thick bacon slices were flavorful and comforting.



The main course, which featured filet mignon, chicken thighs, salmon, creamed spinach and the smoothest mashed potatoes made me feel like I was experiencing a home-cooked meal with all of the fancy trimmings.





And, we didn’t go wrong with any of the assorted desserts, especially the Cracker Jack sundae. Take me back!


It wouldn’t be an Eating with Erica event without a swag bag, and this one was everything. From the bottle of Prairie Organic gin, the Black Box red wine, the Candlefish candle to the Lush and Sephora products, I felt like I could truly pamper myself, and it was only fitting that the theme of the bag was items to “get you through the holidays!”.


Thank you again, Erica, for a fantastic event and the wonderful gifts!

How did you celebrate the holidays this year? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

*Thanks to the fabulous Jamie King for all of the photos!

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