Five Steps to Maximize Your Juice Cleanse

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I normally shudder at the thought of a juice cleanse. For some people, eating for them is a way to survive. But for me, I enjoy eating and everything that comes with it: the discovery of new flavors, the gathering of family or friends, the shared common bond of “breaking bread”.

But, if I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’ve enjoyed food a little too much these past few months. Late nights over Mexican food, early mornings with CookOut and impromptu lunches outside of the office had me feeling sluggish in the worst way. It didn’t help that my vegetable and fruit intake was down during this time too. So when I was approached to try Daily Greens juice cleanse by Shauna Martin, I figured I had to give it a try to jump-start my metabolism, recharge my digestive system and boost my energy levels. I’ve also had other cleanses that I won’t name here that just didn’t do it for me. So I wanted to see if this system would live up to the hype.

Daily Greens founder Shauna Martin created this cleanse after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She knew that consuming a plant-based diet would help her physically, and after successfully battling cancer, she continues to use these juices as a way to get the vegetables she needs in her diet.

My results from this juice cleanse were fantastic. Though it was initially rough for me to get through the juice cleanse for mental reasons, I’d wholeheartedly recommend this juice cleanse over any juice cleanse I’ve had before. The amount of vegetables and fruit I had this time skyrocketed. I was more focused at work, which helped me to be more productive. My digestive system reset itself. I felt lighter and less bloated. I also gained mental clarity and learned the art of willpower.

The four-day juice cleanse was certainly rewarding, and I wouldn’t have had these results otherwise. If you’re ready to tackle this endeavor, take these five steps to maximize your juice cleanse.

1. Choose a juice cleanse that works best for you.
I’ve been victim to this many times before when I wanted to do a juice cleanse. Friend A says the juice cleanse is great. I take it, and can barely stomach the juice itself. Friend B says she loves this new cleanse. I try it and realize I can’t eat anything except drink this juice. If you’re anything like me, any juice cleanse just won’t do. Be honest with yourself when choosing a cleanse that works for you. For me, Daily Greens worked because I could actually eat raw fruits and veggies throughout the day if I got hungry while I drank the three juices. Then at night, I had a raw vegetable dinner with ingredients and food I liked. Just because it’s a cleanse doesn’t mean it can’t be sustainable throughout the duration of it. Oh yes, and please consult a doctor if you’ve never done one before.

2. Prepare yourself before the cleanse.
A cleanse doesn’t mean you can drink all the alcohol or eat all the sugar before you start. You have to get your body prepared for the juice cleanse so you can enhance the benefits, not so your body can work harder to detox the excess food and drinks. The Daily Greens cleanse offers a suggested meal plan a week before you start: a green smoothie in the morning and avoid food and drinks like alcohol, processed foods, etc. That way, your body is not in complete shock when you’re doing the cleanse.

3. Have the resources you need to make the cleanse easy.
Buy all of the juices you need for your cleanse at one time. That way, you won’t easily stop after a day or two. Get the accompanying food you’ll need during the cleanse before it starts so you’re not drooling over the carbs on the grocery store shelves. If you have a cleanse like the Daily Greens, there’s a suggested grocery list and recipes to accompany the three daily juices that you receive from them. You know exactly what you need at the time you need it, making it brainless and painless to execute.

4. Get the support you need.
I told everyone I was on a cleanse, especially my co-workers. It wasn’t for the sake of bragging; it was for moral support when someone happened to bring in Sublime doughnuts or there’s leftover Bantam and Biddy sliders from a staff meeting. It can be challenging to eat right when there’s temptation around you. But if you have people in your corner, you will always have the support you need to resist eating things you’re not supposed to.

5)Take it easy.
During the juice cleanse, take a break from exercising so you don’t put your body under stress. When your body tells you to sleep, go to sleep. I was mentally alert and focused for a good 10-12 hours each day during my cleanse. When it was time to go to bed, it was lights out for me at 9 p.m. Yes, it’s a little earlier than normal, but I woke up refreshed and rejuvenated at 5 a.m.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse before? How did you like it?

Disclosure: I received the 4-day cleanse to try it and offer my honest review. I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and unbiased.

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