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After one of our Saturday morning workouts, Corey suggested going to the downtown location of Cafe Intermezzo for breakfast. I was initially surprised by the recommendation. Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta is known for its desserts and drinks, and I typically frequent the restaurant late-night with my friends for their delicious Oreo cheesecake.

Despite my preconceived notion, I went along with the plan to try out their breakfast menu. I was curious to see if it’s just as delicious as their desserts.

The downtown location offers indoor and outdoor dining, and we decided to dine on the patio to enjoy the warm weather. Although the menu selection was limited, I chose the egg and sausage panini while Corey chose the french toast.

Egg, sausage and cheddar cheese panini with a side of fruit.

The egg and sausage panini (on ciabatta bread) was palatable– so much that I polished it off in one sitting — a feat that I did not think I would achieve. It was large, filling and a lot more than I could have imagined a sandwich to be.

French toast soaked in cinnamon rum batter and dusted with powdered sugar.

Although the french toast looked appetizing, it left more to be desired. The flavor of the batter didn’t permeate the bread as I originally thought it would and the syrup compensated for the flavor, which seemed to be lacking. Although Corey enjoyed it, I still believe that Highland Bakery tops my list for the best french toast in the city.

Even though we did not have a bad experience here, I doubt Cafe Intermezzo would be the first place I would recommend for breakfast downtown. The food was good and the location is fine, but I think what really disappointed me was the fact that our waiter wasn’t knowledgeable or attentive to us during our time there. He seemed distant the entire time he served us. Then, when we asked him for the shining stars of the menu, he didn’t give any recommendations and failed to mention that the sweet potato pancakes reign supreme among guests at the restaurant (a tidbit we overheard from another waiter).

Regardless, I’m sure I’ll frequent Cafe Intermezzo again, most likely after 10 p.m. with a plate of Oreo cheesecake. Yep. It’s that good.

The Lowdown:

  • The online menu includes items that they no longer offer.
  • The only parking nearby is either on the street or in a parking deck, and both cost money.
  • The restaurant is attached to a hotel, so it may be busy if the hotel is packed (although it wasn’t when we were there).

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