Buttermilk Kitchen

When I visited Buttermilk Kitchen nearly two years ago with Corey and my sister, I was ecstatic. I’m a breakfast person, so I’m inclined to try any place that sticks to breakfast/brunch/lunch, as they typically do a good job. At the time, my coworkers raved about their food and how delicious it was. So when we were served a table full of less-than-desirable breakfast dishes (I’ll spare you the pictures and details) save the biscuits, it was a chorus of disappointment.

However, I wasn’t going to let my first experience ruin subsequent trips, especially since I only heard great things about this place. So Corey and I made the trek to Buckhead to try it again. And, we were cheerfully surprised.

Everyone deserves second chances. And Buttermilk Kitchen has done a great job of revamping their menu to stick with items that they do well but also add other items that are just as delicious but are only available for a limited time. Their infamous biscuits, which are crispy and buttery on the top with a flaky interior, were just as delicious as we remembered (at the time, the silver lining in our trip!). That coupled with my pimento cheese omelette (a weekend brunch specialty) hit the spot.

Buttermilk Kitchen omelette biscuit

My pimento cheese omelette! See that roasted red pepper jelly gushing out of it? So good!


The strawberry cobbler pancakes, topped with cream and cobbler crumb, needed no syrup (and #nofilter!).

Buttermilk Kitchen strawberry cobbler pancakes

Not too sweet, but definitely decadent.


And let’s not forget their fried chicken biscuit. Buttermilk Kitchen does fried chicken extremely well. The breast was perfectly seasoned and the pepper jelly only accentuated the taste of this sandwich.

Buttermilk Kitchen fried chicken biscuit

Southern fried chicken biscuit paired with collard greens


If I could, I would have eaten three.

I’m glad I trusted my gut to know that I should give this place a second chance, and we will definitely come back. To be fair, I visited within the first month of the restaurant opening, and I truly believe that all restaurants need time to settle into their kitchen, their menu and their staff before someone can get an accurate read on the food and service. Has this ever happened to you? Or, better yet, have you ever tried Buttermilk Kitchen? How was your experience?

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