Brunch at Boneheads Grill in Buckhead

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to eating out. On one hand, it’s easy to indulge in the most sinful, savory dishes. And on the other, you (we) can’t eat like that every. single. day. without feeling fatigued and full. Fortunately, when you find a restaurant where they offer healthy food that doesn’t taste like cardboard alongside decadent food so you have options, you’re in good hands. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we concluded after having brunch at Boneheads Grill in Buckhead.

Though Boneheads Grill is a chain, their brunch offerings are unique to the Buckhead location. Corey and I were invited by the Association of Food Bloggers to check out their brunch menu. It’s easy to miss this restaurant as you drive by, but ladies, if you know where Sugarcoat is on Pharr Road, you’ll find this place. Side note: the space used to be a Japanese restaurant where my friend and I took a sushi-making class years ago!

The space is bright, but extremely casual, with a set up similar to a fast food place. You don’t get the cozy, hip vibe that you usually receive from other Atlanta brunch spots. But you must keep in mind that this is a chain, their brunch is unique to this location and the food is good.

We started off with sangrias and Bloody Marys. I personally loved the sangria. However, I typically prefer the fruit in my sangria to be more bite sized (a real lady eats fruit pieces with each gulp).

Boneheads Sangria and Bloody Mary - Buckhead - A Taste of Our City

Then we sampled the Boneheads shrimp and the Piri Piri chicken tenders. Though the shrimp and chicken weren’t anything to write home about, the sauces are what makes these dishes. You can go crazy with the sauce options they have here!

Boneheads Grill Shrimp and Chicken - A Taste of Our City - Buckhead

The mahi mahi with grilled asparagus and rice was delicious! The fish was tender, flaky and properly seasoned, and I really felt like I was eating a healthy meal with the mango salsa on top (healthy food alert!).

Boneheads Grill Mahi Mahi - A Taste of Our City - Buckhead

I don’t know why I continue to try poached eggs even though I don’t like them. But this tilapia eggs benedict with a creamy grit cake at the bottom and Piri Piri hollandaise looked pretty! It also comes in a catfish version. The fish was delish and we heard it was pretty good from the other bloggers!

Boneheads Grill Tilapia Eggs Benedict

The brunch menu also included omelettes, frittata and Portuguese chicken. Want to go really healthy? They have a chicken salad option!

Boneheads Grill Chicken Salad - Buckhead - A Taste of Our City

So, there’s this French toast pudding with Maker’s Mark whiskey sauce that was literally weighed down by so much whipped cream. The sauce also didn’t have a hint of whiskey in it. This dish could have been executed better, in my opinion.

Boneheads Grill French Toast Pudding -  A Taste of Our City

Beignets are also on the menu. Take it from this girl who grew up in Louisiana and knows what she’s talking about when it comes to beignets, they aren’t anything special.

Boneheads Grill Beignets - A Taste of Our City

If Corey and I were in this neighborhood on the weekend, we’d dine there again. It’s not the “typical” place for brunch in Atlanta, but I think it’s worth it to try it out, especially if you love seafood.

Have you ever been to Boneheads Grill?

Disclosure: Though our meal was complimentary, our review and opinions are 100% our own.

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