Brunch at Bone Lick BBQ

Though I’ve had brunch at many restaurants around town, it’s never been at a BBQ place until now. My friend Milla of Happily Eating and I took a trip to West Midtown to check out brunch at Bone Lick BBQ. What did we uncover? Fun cocktails, a unique brunch menu and a bevy of barbecued meat options.

Because the regular menu is available at the same time as the brunch menu, we agreed to having some appetizers and main dishes from both menus. For cocktails, Milla chose the Drunk-Ass Hunch Punch, which consisted of grape, peach, cherry and strawberry moonshines mixed with simple syrup and soda. I had The Dirty Ginger, a cocktail with peach moonshine, ginger beer, vodka and a sugar rim. It tasted similar to a Moscow Mule, but because I wasn’t in the mood for that drink, I opted for bottomless mimosas later on. In case you were wondering, the sparkling wine/orange juice ratio was balanced yet strong.

Cocktails - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

For starters, we had Big Ol’ Balls, fried risotto balls stuffed with pork and cheese. They were gooey on the inside and delicious; I loved the chipotle BBQ and remoulade dipping sauces on the side.

Big Ol' Balls - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

We also had the breakfast macaroni and cheese. At first, I was skeptical, partially because of how creamy/liquid-y the macaroni and cheese looked and also because the scrambled eggs looked out of place. However, when you blend it all together with the sausage and bacon bites, it is appetizing. We could have had that as a meal; it became evident after a few bites that it was also a heavy dish.

Breakfast mac and cheese - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

For my main dish, I had the Hangover Muff, an English muffin piled with scrambled eggs, cheese, pulled pork, bacon, tasso ham and homemade sausage. For someone who had a slight hangover, this dish actually did the trick. There was no possible way I could have eaten one bite of everything at one time because the sandwich was huge. I felt like a wimp for eating this with a fork, but it was the only way I could get everything in one bite. I also had the jalapeno, cheese and bacon grits on the side. If you want a loaded dish with some spice, this is for you. Because of the saltiness from the bacon, it didn’t need a pinch of salt nor pepper.

Hangover Muff - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

Jalapeno, cheddar and bacon grits - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

The housemade sausage po-boy was also good with the side of seasoned tater tots. It was such a huge sandwich that I had to a) bring it home for Corey and b) he ate one half at one time and the other half later that evening. What I like about the menu is that you have the option of choosing the type of barbecued meat you want and the way you want it (whether it’s in a taco, on a po-boy, in slider form, etc.), making the menu super flexible depending on your preference.

Housemade Sausage Po-Boy - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

Milla had the Cajun Croque, garlic toast with tasso ham and melted Swiss cheese stuffed inside. It was topped with scrambled eggs and remoulade, and she thought it was great. At this point, I couldn’t even look at her food, I was so stuffed.

Cajun Croque - Bone Lick BBQ - A Taste of Our City

With reasonable prices, a laid-back atmosphere and a brunch menu with some radical dishes, Bone Lick BBQ is definitely a place I’d want to try again. Especially if it’s for the $11 bottomless mimosas and the Big Ol’ Balls.

Have you ever been to Bone Lick BBQ?

Disclosure: Though my meal was complimentary, my opinions are 100% unbiased and my own.

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  1. Great write up! Everything looks amazing! I can’t wait to return to the city this summer.

    • Erica and Coredelle says:

      It was great! You’ll have to let me know when you’re back in Atlanta; maybe we can grab brunch or dinner!

  2. omg i’m going this weekend. this looks AMAZING – a brunch that even the boys will enjoy!

    • Erica and Coredelle says:

      Awesome! You’ll have to let me know how it is! Such a good place for both girls and guys to enjoy. 🙂

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