Breakfast at Infusion Bistro

If I could choose any meal of the day to live off of for the rest of my life, it would be breakfast. I don’t discriminate on what I eat either. If I can lay around the house after breakfast, then pancakes, waffles or french toast with maple syrup or a fruit compote does the trick. If I’m headed to work, I grab old-fashioned oatmeal and top it with banana slices or blueberries. If I work out in the morning, it’s fluffy farm-fresh scrambled eggs mixed with veggies and turkey bacon with avocado (usually compliments of Corey). And if I’m feeling Southern, of course I’ll spend a little extra time making my favorite shrimp and grits dressing.

I could go on and on about breakfast. So it was only right that I had breakfast at Infusion Bistro with a few ladies of the Atlanta Food Bloggers Society to sample the breakfast menu. Not only do they pride themselves on their cake- and pie-infused waffles, but they also serve breakfast until 6 a.m. on the weekends. This is a saving grace after a night out in Buckhead!

Of all the breakfast menu items we tried, I enjoyed the waffles the best. The red velvet waffle was so good. I didn’t even need syrup; it was sweet without being overwhelming.

Infusion Bistro Atlanta - red velvet waffle

The Georgia peach waffle and the apple pie waffle were also very tasty; I’m a sucker for fruit on top of a waffle! The only waffle I was disappointed in was the Oreo waffle, because I couldn’t taste the batter or the flavor of the Oreos in it.

Infusion Bistro Atlanta waffle

The chicken fingers alongside the waffles were seasoned perfectly and so juicy.

Infusion Bistro Atlanta  - chicken fingers

I was also impressed by the seasoned white fish that came with the grits. However, the grits to me were more runny than I’m used to eating; I like my thicker and creamier.

Infusion Bistro Atlanta white fish and grits

Fellow blogger Jessica and I were curious about their cocktails so we ordered the Infusion Sunset and Peach Infusion. The Infusion Sunset was more mellow because of the amaretto.

Infusion Bistro Atlanta Infusion Sunset cocktail

However, the Peach Infusion was sweet with a kick. It contained coconut vodka, peach schnapps and triple sec.

Infusion Bistro - Peach Infusion cocktail

Both drinks were great options!

Though the waitress was extremely friendly and accommodating, be prepared to wait for your food. It seemed like this was the case often especially if you or your table order a custom waffle with two or four different flavors.

Have you ever been to Infusion Bistro? How was your experience?

Disclosure: I was invited to a complimentary breakfast meal by Infusion Bistro. All opinions are my own.

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