ATL’s Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont

Because the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer, Milla of Happily Eating and I thought we’d find the best places for you to grab ATL’s best post-work cocktails & food. Stay tuned here for our recommendations, and as always, let me know if there’s a spot that you love to sip and nosh after work! In case you missed it, check out where we went in Midtown and in Buckhead. Our next stop? 10th and Piedmont.

I’m really fortunate to have worked in Midtown for the past five years. I have access to restaurants like South City Kitchen, STK, Empire State South and Pasta da Pulcinella. I’m steps away from my spa and my gym. And, I can easily get to events, happy hours and after-work functions. However, one thing that many people in Midtown often do is frequent the same nearby places because of the close proximity to their office/parking deck/etc. rather than venturing out in opposite directions on Peachtree Street.  So, though it’s crazy, I haven’t been to 10th and Piedmont until a couple of weeks ago on a sunny day in April. This time will certainly not be the last though; the fun cocktails and approachable yet filling dishes certainly put this on the list of happy hour places I need to check out more frequently.

Owned by the same guys who started G’s (formerly Gilbert’s Café) and HOBNOB, 10th and Piedmont is their newest restaurant concept. Located a block away from Piedmont Park, they pride themselves on their expansive vodka bar, seasonal dishes with a fusion of cultural influences and well-known cocktails with a twist. Though the restaurant is enclosed, the windows are retractable. When they are open on a warm, sunny day, this is an irresistible spot to catch some rays and a breeze. Full disclosure: if you’re sitting by the windows, you may also encounter some characters of Midtown that may want to interact with you. Luckily, the waiters and waitresses are familiar with them and will ensure they don’t ruin your dining experience.

Between 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, select items on the food menu are 50 percent off their regular prices. This is a great place to try multiple dishes with lots of people without breaking the bank. The menu is also super diverse. With a combination of Caribbean, Mediterranean, Italian and American flavors, you can meet everyone’s preferences and tastes, too. During our visit, we tried a few cocktails and their winter menu, which will soon be phased out to introduce the spring menu.

I started with the Basil Lemon Fizz, a light, refreshing drink made with vodka, fresh basil and lemon and ginger syrup. My favorite drink had to be the Planter with a Punch; with the rum, orange juice and pineapple juice, I closed my eyes and imagined I was on a tropical beach somewhere far away from Atlanta.

ATL's Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont- Basil Lemon Fizz

ATL's Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont - Planter with a Punch

The forest mushroom crostini with herb butter, parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley was savory. I couldn’t help but sop up the remaining butter once the mushrooms were gone.

ATL's Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont - Herbed Mushroom Crostini

The lamb sliders were filled with Mediterranean flavors, feta cheese, cucumber and mint yogurt and pickled red onion. The only minus to this dish is that we had to figure out who could have the last one!

ATL's Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont - Lamb Sliders

The dynamite fish tacos were stuffed with Caribbean flavors, like the tropical fruit salsa.

ATL's Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont - Dynamite Fish Tacos

I enjoyed the heartiness of the chicken and mushroom ravioli, but I did notice they used the same sauce as the mushroom crostini dish.

ATL's Best Post-Work Cocktails & Food: 10th and Piedmont - Chicken and Mushroom Ravioli

The winter menu was pretty good; I cannot wait to see what the spring menu will have.

Have you ever been to 10th and Piedmont before?

Disclosure: My meal was complimentary. However, opinions are 100 percent my own.



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